Our repair service includes close inspection of all parts prior to the
dismantling of the mechanism. This enables us to give the most accurate
estimate of repair cost.  We provide the repair and restoration of fine
antique clocks, casework, mechanisms, dial painting, gold leaf, veneer,
water damage, insurance claims, missing parts, oil and adjustment. We
accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express and personal
checks.  Customer
will be notified of estimate within two weeks of receipt
of clock.  
Upon approval of estimate, work will be scheduled by the order
in which it was received. Due to current number of clocks in for repair
expected completion is approximately 3 months.
We will notify customer
if clock repair is completed earlier.  
All repaired clocks must be picked up
within one week of notice of completion or a storage fee will be charged
Notification will be by either personal contact, email or message left at
phone number provided by customer. We will notify customer during the
repair process and given timeframe if any issues arise or delays are
caused by glass replacement, paint restoration, etc. Upon completion,
customer will be notified and a time scheduled for pick up.  It is best if
the person running the clock picks up the repair to go over instructions
and explain repair process and set up process.  Sometimes simply
transporting the clock back home or setting back up at home can throw
off timing or customer overwinding (this can cause damage to clock and
potentially break mainspring).  If you encounter any problems once the
clock is back home, do not hesitate to contact us, most often we can walk
you through the proper steps during a phone call.  
 Please do not attempt
your own repair/fix should any issue arise after repair work is performed
unless advised by Hills Antique Clocks, as it will void your warranty, for
services performed

Hills Antique Clocks is proud to be customer oriented and we will happily
follow-up with you should any issues arise with your clock.  A simple
phone call is all that is needed to let us know you require assistance or


Once the mechanism is completely disassembled, all parts are cleaned and
All pivots are burnished and bearings are replaced as needed
within our shop, we do not ship out such repairs
. We have the
experience and skills required to complete this delicate work in-house.  
Brass parts are spray lacquered to keep the nice polished finish.  Glass
paint restoration is hand done with precise antique detail.  Once the
mechanism is assembled it is bench tested for an extended time if
required  (1-2 weeks) before re-installation into the case and notification
of completion.

All rebuilt movements are guaranteed for one year. Oil and partial
adjustments, partial repairs are not guaranteed.  Broken main springs are
not guaranteed as we have no control over the way they are wound by
the owner. Springs can break if over wound and possible damage to the
clock can result.  

For more information on our Antique Clock Repair Services and charges,
please contact us with the type of clock and the type of repairs that you
are interested in.  Please note we do not repair cuckoo clocks or clocks
operated by battery or electric.

Member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.
Disassemble and clean all the parts
After cleaning all pivots are burnished and bushings
are sized
After assembly each clock is extensively bench tested to
assure years of service

-Mechanism restoration
-Total Case Restoration including veneering and fabrication of missing
-Dial Restoration
-Reverse glass painting and gold leaf restoration
-Re-Silvering/Re-Waxing of Dials
-Antique glass replacement