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#420 Unsigned American Tall Clock
Roxbury Style Mahogany Case
92" tall
#568 American Walnut Tall Clock
Attributed to Silas Parsons,
Swanzey, New Hampshire
circa 1800, 89" tall
#475 French Morbier Tall Clock
#818 Barraude, London Tall Clock
Mahogany case,
83" tall
#818 Dwarf Tall Clock with rocking
ship dial
#665 Victorian Tall Clock
J.E. Caldwell & Co., Philadelphia
96" tall
#672 Small American Tall Clock
Pine case, period movement with
reproduction painted dial
#725 Unsigned New Hampshire Tall
Clock with Alarm
91" tall
#726 Johannes Scholfield quarter
striking tall clock. Circa 1720
Rotating moon dial
92 " tall
#744  John Bailey Jr. Hanover, MA
Mahogany case the a time, strike
and alarm movement
92" tall
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#747 Scottish Tall Clock
Alex Mitchell, Glascow
#816 English Tall Clock
Nineteenth century