New Clock Shop in Town
                           by Bill Tobin 3/14/10

Hills Antique Clock Shop, formerly of Natick is now in East Holliston at the
intersection of Washington and Concord Streets.

Richard Hills has been been associated with the family-owned antique
clock shop founded by his father in 1973 in Wellesley.  Richard is a skilled
horologist with over 25 years experience serving private collectors, local
clock enthusiasts, insurance and moving companies.

Richard Hills, above, states that quality of repair is their goal and they take
pride in providing prompt service with flexibility to their customers. House
calls are available, which are necessary in servicing grandfather clocks.

Richard acquired his love and appreciation for antique clocks from from a
family generation before him and through Holliston's own well-known clock
maker, John Losch.

Antique clocks from simple to grand add timeless elegance to any style
home.  Patrick Dolan, at the work bench, is a well known collector and is
available to assist in locating a special collectable clock for you.

Antique clock is the key word. Watches, battery and quartz movements do
not qualify for service in this shop.  Cuckoo clocks fit the bill if they were
around before 1920; if not, forget it.

A wide selection of antique clocks are available to purchase.

For information on the Hills Antique Clock Shop visit

The staff of welcomes Hills Antique Clock Shop Article
March 2010
Well known antique clock dealer/collector,
Patrick Dolan is also available to assist
you in purchasing or locating a fine
antique clock for your home or business.
Please call Richard or Patrick with any
Owner, Richard Hills specializes in the repair and
restoration of antique clocks with one of the finest
full repair workshops and clock sales display floor in
the area.  Your inquiries are welcome or feel free to
stop by the shop to meet with Richard to discuss
your clock and how he can help you.
I smile every time I hear the chimes from our clock now that you have repaired it.  The word
“Repair” might not say enough about how you brought this clock made in 1790 back to life.  
It didn’t work.  It had been shipped across the country in pieces.  Many parts were broken
and others were damaged – some gears were actually maliciously damaged. The clock hadn’
t been cleaned in years and the brass hadn’t received any attention in decades if not
centuries.   Now the clock guides us through the day – hour by hour – as it did when it was
made 221 years ago.  Pretty amazing.  Thank you for your work.  What I find most impressive
is that after you repaired and rebuilt the clock works and you took apart every other part of
the clock and cleaned it and repaired it so that it now shines – the brass and the wood.  Well

- Tim D. 8/24/2011
We have a clock that's been in Geoff's family
for almost 200 years. It got severely
damaged when shipped across the country
to us. The case, face, movement and glass
were all in need of substantial repair. Mr.
Hills was able to restore it so that it looked
like it did prior to shipping. No one would
ever guess that it hadn't arrived in the same
condition it left my father-in-law's house.

- Michelle Zeamer | 3/15/10
Mr Hills repaired a grandfather clock which had not worked in years. He
did the repair in my home, didn't need to bring it to his shop. He cleaned
another antique clock and got it running and gave me an estimate on a
third clock. He was punctual and did all the work in under an hour. I think
the cost was very fair and have not had any problems with the 2 clocks
he worked on. He was also very knowledgable

~Mary B. 6/14/2012
The dial arrived on schedule Tuesday, I picked it
Wednesday, and then installed it in my Dad's clock
Thanksgiving. It is beautiful; the dull finish looks
terrific and authentic. My father is thrilled - it made
his month! Thanks so much for doing such a great

~Peter S. 11/23/2012
Came to house assessed the job. Very professional and agreeable. Gave a detailed review
of the clocks, their relative worth and what he would do. Took them away in his (modern)
van. Gave us an estimate of about a month (It came in a couple of weeks more than that, but
that was OK with us, we were in no hurry. He hand carved a missing foot, completely
restored the entire "works" of both clocks and carefully reassembled them in our house.  
Supplied some missing parts and a key for the cabinet and restored the wood. Good

~Patrick S. 6/14/2013
Thank you very much for repairing my Ship's
Clock! I've had it for so many years and it's
wonderful to hear the bell strike once again.

MaryEllen S. 11/16/118
We want to thank you very much for the repairs to the Regina music box. We
have really despaired that we would not it again but it now fills our home with
its music. It has always been a very special member of our family and it has
been hard not to hear it "speaking...singing to us. Your care and willingness
to tackle this project is greatly appreciated.

Larry & Jayne 4/24/18