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#448 French Onyx Crystal Regulator  
with mercury pendulum, 8 day time and  
strike.   11.5" tall
#875 Ansonia Clock Co.
Original 1914 "Utopia" Model
Crystal Regulator
#880 E.F. Caldwell & Co. New York
Ivory and gilt desk clock
Chelsea Clock Co. Movement
#751 Boston Clock Co.
Time only carriage clock
#517 Seth Thomas Westminster Chime
Mantel Clock  Art Deco circa 1930s
#425 Oval French Crystal Regulator
9" tall
#622 Seth Thomas, Plymouth Conn.
8 day time and strike
Sleigh Front mantel clock, great
original glasses
#625  French Black Marble
Mantle clock 8 day time and
strike on bell
#576 Fancy French Crystal Regulator
mercury pendulum, 8 day time and strike
10.5" tall
#427 French Portico Clock
Ebonized wood case with gold gilding
#432 French Clock Set
8 day time and strike
#860 French Bronze and Marble
silk thread clock
"Mythical Faun"
8 day time and strike
#783  E. Terry & sons
Plymouth, Conn.
8 day wooden works movement
circa 1820s
#748 French Black Marble Set
Quarter strike on gongs
#745 Large French Crystal Regulator
8 day time and strike
13 inches tall
#696 French Black Marble Mantel clock
Outside escapement
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#791 Seth Thomas Hotel Clock
8 day time and strike
Great original condition
#871 Ansonia Clock Co.
"Random" model with and outside
#793 Boston Clock Company
Tandem wind mantel clock
Black marble case.
#777 Seth Thomas Marble
Adamantine case.
8 day time and strike
#858 Large French Crystal Regulator
14" Tall with curved beveled glass on
the front and sides
Pretty clock.
#814 Jonathan Frost
Wooden works mirror front clock
30 Hour time and strike.
Great label inside
W & H Mantel clock
Mahogany case, silver engraved dial
#750 L'Epee French Carriage Clock
Hour repeater
#761 Matthew Norman Carriage Clock
Time only
Small French Carriage Clock
Time only
#878 French Regulator with mahogany
and glass case
#822 Chelsea Ship's Bell and
Barometer set with mahogany bases
3 1/2" dial
circa 1967
#861 French Bronze and Marble Clock
"Return of the Doves"
#883 Ansonia Clock Company
"Eulogy" model
Crystal Regulator with outside
#676 Wm Gilbert Clock Co.
Walnut Parlor Clock with spider web
glass tablet
#852 Seth Thomas Lancet Clock
Mahogany case with inlay
#790 Ansonia Clock Company
China clock with outside escapement
#873 Chelsea Clock Co. Boston
Sold by Shreve, Crump and Low
Ship's bell Strike with Mahogany Stand
#582 New Haven Clock Co.
30 Hour time and strike miniature
steeple clock
#835 Ansonia Clock Company
"Bedford" model parlor clock
8 day time and strike
#811 E.N. Welch Clock Co.
Oak Gingerbread Clock
8 day time and strike
#849 Chelsea Clock Co.
7 1/4" Ship's bell strike
#833 Delft Blue China Clock
Sold by Tiffany & Co., New York
French 8 day time and strike
#823 Chelsea Clock Co.
Ship's bell and Barometer Desk Set
circa 1953
#843 Daniel Pratt and Sons
Reading, Massachusetts
8 Day Beehive mahogany case
George Mitchell, Bristol, Conn.
30 hour wooden works movement
#631 Wm. Gilbert Clock Co.
8 Day Beehive Mahogany Case
#214 Ansonia Clock Co.
Green Onyx case
8 Day time and strike
#719 Ansonia Clock Co.
Miniature Ogee Clock
8 Day time and strike
#855 Chelsea Clock Co.
Small time only Desk Clock
Mahogany case
6 inches tall
#859 Ansonia Clock Company
"The Fisher"
Swinger Clock